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Your resume has never been more important

Job seeking—like so many things—is becoming both more automated and more personal. Candidates should be prepared to create personable, visually appealing resumes that are mobile-friendly and brimming with terms related to their industry.

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Flexible Staffing Strategies That Work

If you run a commercial print or packaging shop, you need a flexible staffing strategy Commercial printing is known as an industry that offers stable, well-paying jobs with family-focused benefits and a bright future. Yet, ongoing challenges with the global supply chain and a persistent full-time worker shortage have led to instabilities at the shop […]

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Job Seekers in a Post-Pandemic Print World

Job hunters – this summer is undoubtedly going to feel different this year. People are venturing out into the world, masking mandates are easing up, vaccinations are rising, and it seems like recovery is in sight. The other good news on the horizon is that jobs in the printing and packaging industry are becoming more […]

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Investing in your company's future during the pandemic

WORKPLACE WELLNESS Just as companies began to feel comfortable bringing workers back to full or partial capacity, the Delta variant swooped in to ruin the party. Some companies have halted their plans to return to work, while others are once again making drastic changes to their office configurations. Unlike the first time around, we have a greater […]

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Strategies for coping with labor shortages

The past year for most industries has undoubtedly been a roller coaster when it comes to hiring, and the print and packaging industry is feeling the pinch. Things are sure to get a bit hairier as we enter the coveted holiday season. Talent is scarce due to many factors, including workers switching industries, moving away, […]

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Commercial Printers: Start building tomorrow's workforce pipeline today

HERE’S HOW. Professional press operators and technicians are at the top of their game. The downside – soon, they’ll be out of the game. The workforce in print and publishing is one of the most expert because it’s one of the fastest aging, with 36% of printing employees at or nearing retirement age. Beyond retiring, […]

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