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Whether your lifestyle is better suited to the versatility of flex positions
or a permanent career opportunity, Semper will help you find the best fit.

Why Choose Flexible Work?

Most people think that temporary employment is only for filling those times in between “real” jobs. The reality is Semper can offer you flexible work as a career choice.


Job Seeker - Placement Options


  • We offer employees the opportunity to work
    full-time, part-time, first, second, or third
    shift—even work-from-home positions.
  • Some flex employees can make 25-50% more
    in pay than in their previous position, and
    those who meet the criteria are eligible for
    medical and retirement benefits.
  • You can work in different environments,
    broadening your experience and skills. Then
    we market your new skills to other employers,
    increasing your pay rates at the same time.
  • Flexible stang is perfect for people who can’t
    work a traditional day shift—or don’t want
    to—working parents, people who travel, or
    second and third-shifters.

Enjoy the schedule you want while retaining the
security and benefits of permanent employment.
Just let us know what works for YOU, and we’ll find
you work that fits your life.


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Staffing Solutions Talent - Why Choose Temp or flex-to-hire

Why Choose Flex-to-hire?

Semper’s flex-to-hire option allows you to try out an employer before committing. We want you to find your best fit, and we want that for our employers too! This option gives everyone a risk-free trial period. You have time to check out the company’s culture, schedule, and potential for a lucrative future—and they have time to get to know you better. Register today for a flex-to-hire job you’ll love.


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Staffing Solutions Talent - Why Choose Direct Hire or Permanent Placement

Why Choose Direct Hire?

Finding your next career position can be tough – Semper’s team of recruiters can help. We offer direct-hire solutions, making it easy for you to apply, search, and onboard with your next employer. Once you submit your resume, Semper’s extensive database is notified that you are available.
Our team will work with you on any needed assessments, background checks, and pre-qualifications to streamline the hiring process. Once hired, if relocation or other support is needed, Semper is here to help ensure a smooth transition.