Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does your service include?

When you use Semper as a solution for your staffing needs, you get all this and more:

  • Recruitment via web and top online hiring platforms
  • Candidate pre-screening, skills testing, interviewing
  • Screening of quality resumes
  • Payroll and benefits administration, including worker’s compensation and other employment liability costs
  • A complete line of liability insurance. We are fully insured and bonded.

2. What is an Independent Professional (IP)?

We consider our employees Independent Professionals. We have pre-screened, reference-checked, interviewed and tested each candidate with specific industry tests created by professionals in our marketplace. Every placement comes with a risk-free guarantee. We have total confidence in our services and our IPs.

3. Could we work with Semper although we have an exclusive with another temping agency?

We can’t answer that for you. However, chances are your exclusive contract is with a generalist agency. General staffing agencies have difficulty providing work-ready candidates with specialized skill sets. Because Semper specializes in print, packaging, copy, and digital media, we can provide skilled workers to cover these areas with great long-term success.

4. What is the FIRST STEP I need to take to add a Flex-Staffer today?

Contact the office nearest you and speak with an account representative directly!

5. What is the FIRST STEP I need to take to start a Direct Hire search today?

Call 1-877-377-4687 or contact us to start your search.

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