Why Semper

Here are some of the benefits of working with the largest provider of staffing solutions specialized for the graphic arts, printing, premedia and marketing industries.


  • Our management team combined has over 50 years of Print, Graphic Design and TechCreative staffing experience
  • Nine offices across the country
  • Broad network of clients and talent


  • We know that your company’s work demands aren’t always linear. With seasonal activities or “surprise” client needs, you sometimes need staff to quickly, ramp up and fill in.
  • When a core worker is out sick or leaves suddenly – what you need is consistent, flexible, quality staffing that can cover the position, minimize the impact on the company and avoid overloading the worker or their teammates during the transition.


  • Over 50,000 placements
  • The most exclusive skilled talent database out there, with over 100,000 active and passive job seekers available every day
  • Thousands of leading client companies — both small and large
  • Our goal is to fill orders in 24 hours


Because of our extensive network with thousands of hires and talent, we know what skill sets are valuable and can alert you as hot new talent or hiring trends are moving across the country.


  • Four layers of industry-specific screening: pre-screening, interviews, skill testing and reference checks
  • Pressure-tested talent at multiple levels: flex, flex-to-hire and direct hire
  • Much of our active talent pool has been with us 10+ years.

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