Semper Workforce Solutions First Quarter 2024 Survey Results

The Contradictions of 2024: An Examination of Economic Trends

Our survey results give a unique glimpse into the printing and packaging markets, helping to prepare for the future and make proactive hiring decisions.

Everything about employment has evolved.

And that’s how we like it.

The Semper Group meets the needs of today’s market with focused recruiting for your industry and job placement for employees.

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We are always recruiting and representing the highest caliber of currently available talent. We strive to fill each flex order within 24 hours.

Semper Workforce Solutions serves the graphic communications, printing, and packaging industries.

Our industry professionals bring on-the-ground experience to every placement.

Specialty focus is the key to successful staffing.

SemperHealth connects healthcare professionals with clinics and hospitals.

Job Seekers

For those seeking employment opportunities, we work to find positions that are a good fit for you. We offer a nationwide network of top industry-specific employers and living-wage skilled jobs with the potential to become careers. We offer health insurance and full-time benefits even at part-time status (minimum hours required to qualify) for flex and flex-to-hire positions.

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For clients, we maintain a skilled database of more than 36,000 qualified job seekers specializing in the graphic communications industry—marketing, pre-media, print and packaging, media production, bindery, and finishing. We offer national reach with personal, on-the-ground services filling flex, flex-to-hire, direct-hire, and payrolling needs.

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What our talent is saying

“They strive very hard to match talent with the companies that suit their skill set.”

—Graphic Technician