About Us

Semper was founded and is staffed by professionals who were raised and trained in the graphic arts and staffing industries; people who understand the innate needs and demands of the profession. Since 1994, Semper has provided staffing solutions: flex, flex to hire, and direct hire, from design to press to finishing. Our efficient, reliable business model has helped transform how a wide range of print and graphics companies, large and small, fill important roles or stretch production capacity.

The Semper team constantly monitors job market trends in the industry. They understood the changes that occurred in job responsibilities when electronic prepress replaced the typesetter and mechanicals, and similarly understand the impact trends such as direct-to-plate and digital print have on staffing. Semper foresees a time when most correspondence occurs via electronic media rather than on paper. We can help companies face the changes that are to come.

To provide career growth, Semper offers Semper University, an online training program for its employees to help prepare conventional printing professionals for upcoming changes in the industry. Realizing how the Internet is revolutionizing the industry, Semper also works with the most talented web designers, graphic designers, desktop publishers and production managers..

The company’s name was derived from the Latin root, semper: always. For us, Semper literally means always being there for our clients. Many of our clients have been so impressed with the quality of our flex staffing, that we are providing assistance with roles that were not originally our area of focus, such as administrative and business operations..

Whether you are big or small, an employer or a job seeker, Semper is always here to help you reach your goals. Our new logo, with an exclamation point, is a visual translation of our never-ending enthusiasm for our business. We are always excited about what we do for every client — and our employees. Our results have astonished customers.

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