Want the best talent today? Write the best job posting.

If you are in the recruiting business—or any business with employees—you know how different the job market is from just a few years ago. First of all, it is tight. So tight, employers in manufacturing, education, and even government have been experiencing a worker shortage for more than two years now. Of course, commercial printers are no exception.

Also, more opportunities are remote, flexibility is top of mind, and workplace culture factors in stronger than ever before. Hiring can feel like a chore, but now, more than ever, a company’s best opportunity is to forge a fresh path into the future.

Employers need to write job postings that draw a top-tier selection of the available qualified candidates. A good job posting helps less skilled people or those who aren’t a good fit self-select out of the process. And it’s an opportunity for leaders to analyze the position itself, learn from the past, and move forward with a well-defined offer.

Step 1: Analyze the Position.

In printing and manufacturing, more than likely, you are recruiting for a well-defined technical role. However, there is always room for edits and improvement. Job descriptions can become inextricably linked to the employee currently in the position if they have held it for a long time. When you are hiring for that role, consider redefining the description to focus on efficiencies, include new skills, technologies, or equipment knowledge, or possibly narrow the scope of the responsibilities.

You should also compare the current compensation and benefits for the position to similar jobs in your region to be competitive. Savvy job searchers have done their homework, and they will know if you are outside the typical compensation range for the position.

Step 2: Start with Important Details.

Put the most crucial information at the top of the post. Answer these critical questions in the first two paragraphs:

  • What is the clear and specific title of the role?
  • What is the clear and specific benefits package?
  • What are the required work hours and schedule?
  • What is the compensation range?
  • Where is the job located?
  • Is it onsite or remote?
  • When does it start?

When you put first things first, employees can answer for themselves: Is this a position I can afford to take? Is it accessible to me?

Sell the position right away. For example, if it’s an unusually good opportunity, say that! If it’s a stepping stone to a more senior role, make it clear.

 “Semper has an immediate opening for a rare opportunity on 1st shift.

Semper has an immediate opening for a Supervisor with Ops Manager potential.

Step 3: List the essential duties.

Use precise language to list the position’s duties in order of importance, especially if the work combines several disparate roles or responsibilities.

Create quotes and requests for clients.

Heavy data entry into ERP system.

Follow up with clients about deadlines, pricing, and job specifications.

Step 4: List the essential requirements.

Rather than years of experience or college/technical degrees attained, think about the skills required on day 1.

Does the candidate need demonstrated competency on specific machines or presses? List the skills and equipment, then be prepared to verify those skills with their previous employer or instructor or with a paid skills test.

Required experience operating die-cutting and/or foil stamping machines.

Must have solid, strong background in high volume mailing and print.

Excellent knowledge of operating finishing, mailing, and printing equipment.

Must provide 3 verifiable references.

 Be sure to list important transferable skills.

Must have experience managing 20+ employees.

Must have experience in scheduling, communicating with internal/external departments

Must be skilled in motivating employees, multi-tasking

Managing multiple departments, communicating with senior management.”

Seeking a candidate that has strong leadership ability, great work ethic, super reliable, and ready to hit the ground running.

Step 5: Briefly describe the interview process.

As you close your post, be transparent about how to reach you, when and how you will respond to candidates and the scope of the interview/hiring process. State the closing date for accepting applications. If there are requirements for drugs screenings and background checks, include them here.

Must be willing to submit to urine drug screening.

Must pass a criminal background check.

Eligible to work within USA.

Anyone can write a job posting, but when you take the time to clarify your values, the role, and the characteristics of the perfect candidate, you will draw the best of the best.

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