Designated Industry Account Representative

The employment agents at Semper understand the staffing issues and needs of your company, simply because we are from your industry. We are aware that the evolutionary nature of the print, copy and digital industries causes great demand swings. This is the basis on which Semper, Inc. was founded fifteen + years ago. Due to continuing advances in technology and web, graphic designers and digital print skilled people are in high demand, but they are not always a necessary permanent addition to your staff. Human Resource issues are an important part of your company’s operation. If you do not have the time to attend to them, Semper can help! These elements point to the necessity for a staffing agency that is exclusive to your industry.

We are dedicated to providing the print, copy and digital industries with only the most qualified and experienced employees. Our team of employment agents will help your company handle the burden that extra work, complex projects, emergency situations, and overscheduling problems may cause, all on a moment’s notice. We offer flexible, flexible to hire, or direct hire options to fit your needs.

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