What types of companies benefit most from Semper

Our current client base include:

Commercial Printers:

That have offset/web full DTP to bindery, digital prepress and production facilities.

Digital Printers:

Digital presses, design, marketing, VDP, database management and web2print capabilities.

Print/Copy Shops:

With a mix of offset/copy and desktop publishing.


Including print facilities and digital print facilities management.

Pre-Press Production:

In advertising and web design agencies, marketing, desktop publishing departments and magazine publishing departments.

Facilities Management:

Clients who provide outsourcing of document management, CSR services, Telemarketing Etc.

Video Game Development Firms:

Console, MMO’s, Mobile phone, Serious Games, Casual Games as well as Virtual Worlds (Such as Second Life) are all areas this exciting division of Semper focuses on.

Interactive Media:

Mobile app developers, 3D design and Social Media


Branding, development, production and output.

Advertising & Marketing firms:

Fortune 500 companies with a need for Marketing, Creative, Tech and Administrative people.