Download the PIA Southern California Discount Brochure here

Semper would like to welcome all of you to our PIASC members’ page. We have aligned with Printing Industry Association of Southers California, an arrangement that offers member companies a competitive advantage. As a PIASC member, you can reap the twofold benefits with this alliance: one is the high quality service from our staff and second is the PIASC discount on fees. How, exactly? It is simple.

  • In your flexible staffing option Semper provides fully qualified flexible labor to augment member companies core staff at a 5% discount on the hourly bill rate. For example: A normal charge of $25 per hour for the needed skilled flexible staffer would be reduced by 5% to $23.75 per hour. Used in conjunction with the flex to hire discount member companies will have a sizably reduced per hire expense.
  • Through our Flexible to Hire service, we offer our clients the option of testing out candidates before hiring them as direct hire staff. The candidate is our employee while working for you for a trial period of time. The fee is also 20% of the employee’s starting salary, but based on our tiered hours worked plan the fee decreases over time. (This fee has a floor of 10%.)
  • In your Direct Hire Placement option, Semper provides an invaluable service for clients in search of new direct hire employees. We handle the search, interview, referencing and testing. Our fee is equal to 20% of that employee’s starting salary. (In some cases we offer a lower fee based on multiple placements and to longstanding clients.)

Take advantage of the PIASC member benefits now. Call, email or use our website to place an order. Don’t forget to mention your membership when you contact Semper for a placement.

What does setting up an on-line account with Semper do for you?

  • Allows you to specify a set of job criteria for each and every available position in your company so that we may match you with the proper pre-qualified employee.
  • Affords you email notifications, personal phone calls, or both, every time one of our employees meets your criteria for the job.
  • Allows you to browse our list of available employees, complete with personal profiles, 24/7.