24 hours a day / 7 days a week Recruitment

We use many methods to ensure constant recruitment. For instance, this website receives many thousands of hits weekly. The number of potential employee “hits” has been steadily increasing.

We meet daily with skilled professionals across the nation looking for flexible, flexible to hire and direct hire positions. Our interviewers have extensive backgrounds in the print, copy and digital industries, and put prospective employees through a rigorous screening process to ensure that we are presenting only the most qualified professionals to clients.

Semper strives to attract the “best of the best” in the print, copy and digital industries. Everyday, we compile and update a list of the top candidates in the field, complete with specific information regarding their background, skills and experience. This elite team of professionals must meet certain qualifications to become a member of our Pro-List, including excellent references, flexible schedules, superior test scores, a high level of training and experience, and demonstrated effectiveness on the job. Be the first to learn about these employees. Log on and create an account to place an order or receive email notification of available employees.