About Us


Literally translated, Semper means “always,” and that is something we take to heart. Since 1995, we have trained and placed over 50,000 people in thousands of leading companies and provided a host of staffing solutions to our clients, including flex, flex-to-hire, and direct hire.

Community is integral at Semper. We know that staffing is more than just filling a slot; we focus on building a long-term team. In fact, much of our active talent pool has been with us for ten years or more. Born and raised in the industry, our business model revolves around leadership and service for both our clients and our talented corps of skilled individuals who work for us.

Why do we have such long-term relationships? We are not just a staffing firm, but a leader and resource for our clients. For over a decade, our CEO, David Regan, has written and shared a free report on industry economic and hiring trends.

Our extensive knowledge of these fields enables us to help you meet your employment goals. Employing this knowledge and experience, we have compiled a team of qualified professionals to service your specific needs.